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Recommended Clearances for the Little Honey Wood Burner

The Little Honey wood burner comes fitted with heat shields and must be installed and operated with them in place. Correct installation and safe operation is the buyers responsibility.

Rear & Sides

The rear and side heat shields of the fire should have a clearance of at least 250mm from any combustible material. As this is often impractical in the confined space of a motor home this distance can be reduced to 100mm at the rear and 75mm on the sides by fitting a metal (or some other non combustible material) heat shield or reflector to the surrounding wall or cupboard with an air gap of 20mm behind, below and above to allow air to circulate.


The flue should be fitted with a heat shield unless it is more than 400mm from a combustible wall or a window. With a heat shield the distance can be reduced to 100mm.The bottom 400mm of the flue gets the hottest, so check the wall temperature and fit a heat reflector to the wall if necessary.
Where the flue passes through the roof, a 200mm sleeve should be fitted for the flue to pass through. The outer sleeve should extend 50mm below ceiling and at least 150mm above the roof. (A non combustible roof is assumed)

A flue length of at least 1.5 meters is required for the Little Honey to draw properly.
If you have sufficient height, consider mounting the Little Honey up off the floor and use the space underneath for storage.


The hearth or base made of a non combustible material (slate, concrete, tiles, bricks etc.) should extend 100mm past the line of the heat shields and the front of the coal catcher. If possible leave an air gap under the hearth or fit a layer of insulating material.
The fire and hearth should be secured in place with bolts through the legs in the fire into structure of the vehicle, remember it has to stay there in an accident.

After installation, check the heat buildup on adjacent walls and under the hearth, if it is too hot to hold your hand on do something about it (increase distance if possible or fit a heat shield to the wall).

Remember this is a FIRE! Read the operating instructions. Practicing safe fire habits is your responsibility.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, Please feel free to contact us.

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