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Little Honeys on display

Order a Little Honey wood burner

Please use this enquiry form to get in touch with us about ordering and which Little Honey wood burner will work best for your situation. We’re quite happy to discuss the available options through with you and also make any recommendations if you’d like advice regarding installation.

If you want to just make a general comment or question, please instead use the form on our Contact page: Contact Little Honey Woodburners.

Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions


Please note: We have temporarily¬† switched from online to phone orders, so you can get in touch via this number….

Call or TXT anytime: David – 021 455 327

(Last Updated: March 2023)

Little Honey Oven on Stepped-Back Flue wood burner

Little Honey Oven only $395

The Little Honey Oven is a great addition to our Stepped-Back Flue wood burner, allowing you to also bake bread, scones, buns, pizza, cakes, or biscuits, with your Little Honey wood burner.

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